Everyone Thinks Zayn Malik's New Tattoo Is a Tribute to Gigi Hadid, & I've Never Been More Jealous

If you were obsessed with One Direction in middle school, the idea of dating Zayn Malik is enough to make you shook––so can you even imagine dating Zayn long enough for him to get a tattoo in your honor? *faints* Obv for model Gigi Hadid, your teenage dream is her reality. After dating for just over two years, the duo has done everything from starring in music videos to appearing in Vogue together. 

For Zayn’s 25 birthday last week, it seems like the couple hit another relationship “milestone.” After Hadid posted an Instagram video of Malik doing a shirtless “birthday boogie,” many fans were quick to look past the abs––and right to his chest. 


birthday boogie 🕺🏻😍🤣 @zayn

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Do you SEE it? 

Take a sec to spot the new ink in Zayn’s ever-growing tattoo collection: a pair of eyes on the center of his chest. But it seems as though these aren’t just a random pair of eyes, with many making the obvious comparison to Gigi's own smokey stare. Tbh, it's a logical conclusion! Zayn has been known to get meaningful tattoos with many tied to important people in his life, such as the tattoo of his father’s name behind his ear, or the portrait that he had of his ex, Perrie Edwards, that has since been covered up. Operating on the basis that the eyes and gorgeous lashes are Gigi's, we've got to say this is one ~romantic~ tribute.  

Header Image: Zayn Malik / Instagram