Drop Everything: You Can Actually Use a Bobby Pin to Get the Perfect Cat Eye

Every beauty junkie knows the all-too-real struggle of creating the perfect eyeliner wing. Even I, as a veteran in the cat eye department, agree that getting a perfect, even wing every time is quite near miraculous. This beauty vlogger, however, seemingly found the key. Meet BeautynMalia and her bobby pin.


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So, it looks like she just paints the two tips of the bobby pin with a liquid eyeliner pen (or pot), then places it short side up onto the curvature of her upper lash line, leaving her with a stencil! Afterward, she just fills in the gaps and extends the flick outward a bit. In all honesty, I normally don't pay much attention to all these "beauty-hacks," but it looks like this one actually works! And, since every girl probably has a million bobby pins lying around anyway, anyone could give this technique a go. Just remember to be extra careful when using any kind of sharpish object around your eyes. Save the bleeding eyeliner for Halloween, collegiettes.

What would we do without beauty bloggers?