DIY International Beauty Treatments You Have in Your Kitchen!


Changing our daily makeup and beauty routines is easier said than done. Once we find something that works, we are hesitant to try new products. But haven’t you ever wondered what women in different countries use for their beauty remedies?  From perfect skin, to gorgeous hair, American college girls should seriously think about these DIY global beauty trends from five different countries, courtesy of, an online health and beauty go-to site for “a healthier approach to beauty.”  “All of these DIY recipes are cheap, easy, and quick, which makes them perfect for the college girl’s jam-packed lifestyle,” said Julie Springer of And the best part is, they are all natural! 


Tired of drying out your skin with new facial products?  A quick trip to the grocery store is all you need to transform your skin the healthy and Grecian way. All you need is Greek yogurt, ground almonds or honey, and lemon juice. Mix the yogurt with either the ground almonds or honey, and lemon juice.  Rub gently over your face and rinse with rose water, which can be ordered on, to leave skin hydrated. According to, “the lactic acid and enzymes found in yogurt help to hydrate and soothe irritated skin.”  


Even though our high school days are over, acne still creeps up on us once in a while.  A unique acne-free solution that women in India use to keep their skin clear is the sandalwood plant, also found on suggests mixing together one tablespoon of sandalwood powder, one tablespoon of turmeric powder, found at your local grocery store, and one tablespoon of water until a paste is formed. Gently apply the paste onto the acne-infected area and leave on overnight. 

Dominican Republic and Morocco

Ready for a new secret to keep your hair silky smooth without it getting greasy?  Again, another trip to your grocery store for avocados and olive oil makes it that simple. suggests mashing two avocados in a bowl then adding a tablespoon of olive oil. After applying the mixture to your hair (wet) and covering with a shower cap for about thirty minutes, rinse thoroughly. According to, women in Morocco have been using Moroccan oil, or argan oil, to create silky hair for hundreds of years.  The oil is applied to dry hair and left overnight to soak. also suggests heating up the oil and adding lavender for fragrance.  Wash hair thoroughly in the morning for fresh, soft hair.


Want thicker eyelashes and eyebrows without using painful products? recommends castor oil, found in drugstores and beauty supply stores, the Algerian secret to beautiful lashes and brows. 

Apply the oil on your eyebrows and lash base using a cotton swab every night for two weeks for best results.  

So take a break from your normal routine, and give these global beauty treatments a try. These all natural DIY treatments may change the way you treat your hair and skin forever! All of these products can either be found at your local grocery store, drug store,, or at


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