Crystals In Beauty Are Everywhere Now — But Do They Do Anything? I Investigated

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Crystals are becoming a hot trend in skincare. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Adele, Katy Perry, Victoria Beckham and Miranda Kerr swear by them. Crystals as skincare are in everything from infused waters and face oils to crystal face rollers and skin care procedures like crystal acupuncture/therapy. From the average consumers eyes, this trend can appear to be simply an aesthetic, but it goes far beyond how gorgeous the crystals shine in the bottle. With crystals popping up everywhere, marketed towards many young women, everyone could use an explanation about how crystals are changing the beauty game for the better.

How do crystals work?

Crystals have been used for thousand of years, due to the powers associated with them. Crystals are naturally occuring minerals in nature that are arranged in a highly ordered microscopic structure. Within recent years, pop culture has been accepting the use of crystals for healing. Crystals vibrate different energies that can be used to adjust our own energies. Crystal healing uses their vibrations and auras to help create change in the person’s life. They can help boost our energy system, among many other ways to incorporate crystals into everyday life!

Items can be charged with the stone and they will carry the energy of the crystal even after the crystal is removed. It is not uncommon to see crystals removed from beauty products after they have been charged, leaving the consumer confused as how the product is ‘rose quartz’ water without having rose quartz at the bottom of the bottle. By using crystal skincare products, your body is absorbing the skincare product and you are able to receive the benefits.

In crystal acupuncture or therapy, crystals would be laid out on areas with tension or on your chakra points. The crystals act to help retune your energy similar to reiki. In crystal therapy it can used in a similar manner to help channel the crystal’s particular energy. They can also be used in baths to help you absorb their energy and cleanse yourself of any unwanted energy. If you are rushed for time you can simply carry a crystals to absorb negative energy or meditate with one to channel the stone’s energy.

Popular crystal picks and what they are good for:

1. Jade rollers, like Herbivore Jade Roller ($30)


Jade rollers have been changing the game in beauty. They are proven to help increase blood circulation, reduce puffiness and helps diminish the appearance of fine lines on the face. They help make your skin look tighter and firmer. Jade is commonly used for prosperity, balancing chi and protecting against negative energy. 

2. Setting spray, like ColourPop Crystal Setting Spray ($6)


Everyone loves ColourPop makeup, but have you ventured out to their face mist sprays? This cheap makeup setting spray is a good way to incorporate crystals in your makeup routine. They have sprays with a variety of crystals at such an affordable price. This spray includes amethyst which is known to improve intuition and is commonly used in energy healing for a variety of ailments. Amethyst is a stone commonly used in the ancient world and as well as throughout medieval European times.

3. Crystal-inflused lotions, like Pacifica Crystal Youth Gem Infused Face Lotion ($14)

Pacifica is a common organic brand that Target carries. For a mass produced and easily accessible product, this product is one of a kind, being a rose quartz lotion. In Greek mythology, Adonis (Aphrodite’s lover) was attacked by Ares (Aphrodite’s husband), and when Aphrodite found him she tried to heal him but he was dead. The blood that Aphrodite touched turned into rose quartz.

4. Face masks, like The Ritual Store Moon Ritual Detox Mask ($16)

Face masks are a common way to relax after a long week and is a good way to incorporate crystals into your skincare routine. This brand centers around spirituality, making The Ritual’s products perfect additions to your own ritual. Moonstone is the key ingredient in this face mask. Moonstone helps get you in tune with your feminine energy and supports self love. Moonstone is a sacred stone in Hinduism and is said to be imbedded in the forehead of Ganesh.

5. Toning Mists, like Aquarian Soul Rose Quartz Toning Mist ($24)

Last but not least is the classic rose quartz toning spray. Aquarian Soul is a brand that aims to create sustainable skincare with organic and garden grown ingredients. The founder Aly Began, is a certified herbalist. Rose quartz was considered a potent love charm in the middle ages, while the Romans thought that rose quartz had healing properties. Add this calming mist to your routine in hopes of bringing health and love into your life!