ColourPop Is Making A Hello Kitty Collection, Proving Dreams Really Do Come True

Hello Kitty is turning 42 on November 1—and to celebrate, she's getting her very own ColourPop collection, released the very same day.

The ColourPop x Hello Kitty collection is the makeup brand's biggest collaboration yet, and we can't wait for more details. Right now, we know the collection, which ranges from $5 to $42, will include crème eyeshadow, lip gloss, lipstick, blush, highlighter and more. With the collection geared towards holiday, we'll also be getting a lot of ~sparkle~, such as a ruby red metallic liquid lipstick and shadows infused with glitter, according to WWD.

“All of the beautiful shimmer finishes really speak to the ColourPop customer as well as the Hello Kitty customer,” ColourPop founder Laura Nelson told WWD. “Nothing in the collection is too serious. We wanted to have a playful, fun and experiential element.”

Items from this collaboration are expected to be limited edition, meaning once they sell out, they're gone for good—so mark your calendars on November 1, because missing out on this collection would be the worst.