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BUY IT NOW OR CRY LATER: Dry Shampoo, Sleep Gummies & More College Beauty Essentials

Meet Buy It Now, Or Cry Later, our monthly roundup of cute, chic, funny, or just truly essential things our editors are buying right now. Because we like to shop, and you like to shop, so let's shop together, shall we? RIP to our bank accounts. 


  1. 1. Dry Volume Blast

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    Living Proof,, $29; shop now

    My hair has the tendency to fall flat fast. If the weather is below, like, 80% humidity, my hair loses all of its bounce and volume. This product has quickly become my saving grace for the days when my hair needs a major lift. I'm rarely ever willing to pay over $10 for dry shampoos and styling sprays, but this one is worth every penny — trust me. - Felicity

  2. 2. LUNA Mini 3

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    FOREO,, $159; shop now

    I am often skeptical of facial cleansing devices (why use a brush when I can just rub gel cleanser all over with my hands?) but the LUNA mini 3 has made me see the value of this beauty tool. It's a palm-sized device, and I mainly use this for nighttime cleansing. I stick with the base mode because it makes my skin feels so soft and glowy. I can tell it's truly removing all the gunk and excess makeup from the day. Yes, the price is steep for a college budget, but it's worth it to me for how clear this has made my skin. - Gina

  3. 3. Silvon Pillowcase

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    Silvon,, $40; shop now

    I'm not lazy when it comes to skincare (hello nine-step nighttime routine) but when I found out that all of my hard work could be ruined by my gross pillowcases, I knew something had to change. The Silvon pillowcases have thin strands of silver woven throughout to naturally eliminate acne-causing bacteria and keep it away so you can ~literally~ sleep your way to clear skin. - Maddie

  4. 4. Radiant Sleep

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    OLLY,, $15; shop now

    Some nights sleep doesn't come easy for me. I find myself thinking about future meetings, work responsibilities, numerous tasks that I have to accomplish – seriously, did I remember to pay that parking ticket? That's where Olly sleep gummies come in handy. Not only do they work with your body's natural sleep pattern, the supplements come in a tasty gummy form. I always wake up well-rested and they're only $15. - Aubree

  5. 5. Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

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    ProSource,, $20; shop now

    For years, only a chiropractor had been able to give me even a semblence of relief from my chronic back pain, located behind my right scapula. Enter, stage right, this acupressure mat and pillow combo. It hits the pressure points in all my muscles, helping them to chill out and relax a little, all from the comfort of my own bedroom floor. - Sammi

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