College Beauty Awards: Meet This Year's 5 Editor Picks

These awards are all about beauty for college women, but you can trust that the Her Campus editors have a few of our own favorites that we just couldn’t leave out. Read on for the products that have made us oooh and ahhh. Hope you love them all, we certainly do.

  1. 1. Perky Collagen Boosting Serum

    Dr Roebucks,, $60; shop now

    We're giving this serum five stars, when in fact we'd love to shower it with even more. Collagen is a buzzy word right now, but it's a cosmetic ingredient you shouldn't skip. Collagen improves your skin's overall health and elasticity, and this formula from Dr Roebucks is so effective, it'll even get your esthetician talking. 

  2. 2. Herbal Youth Lotus Tonic

    Snow Fox Skincare,, $40; shop now

    Don't sleep on this tonic from Snow Fox, an indie skincare brand with products formulated specifically for sensitive skin. It's a pre-moisturizing step in its own class, and despite how lightweight the product feels, it has potent results. 

  3. 3. CC Red Correct

    Erborian,, $44; shop now

    Using this product is like watching a magic trick happen. This day cream has mild green pigment that completely neutralizes your skin tone — we're talking all redness gone. Use this post-workout to offset red tones, or before applying makeup to work with a neutral palette. 

  4. 4. The Latte Palette

    Dominque Cosmetics,, $42; shop now

    You only need one good palette to complete your makeup collection, and for us, this is it. It has all the neutral and bold shades a person could ask for, which are pigmented just enough that you can wear for day or night time. It's versatile, and you can create so many looks. 

  5. 5. One-Step Hair Dryer

    Revlon,, $60; shop now

    Where do we even begin? Let's start with the fact that we will never pay for a salon blowout again, because this round-brush dryer does it better. It takes your hair from fluffy and damp to tousled and straight within 15 minutes, tops. Cheers to more good hair days! 

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