Chipped Nail Polish Was Featured at New York Fashion Week, So I Guess My Lazy-Girl Hands Are Cute Now?

We've all dealt with chipped nail polish at some point in our lives (some of us probably every day), but never before has it been fashionable. According to Teen Vogue, models at the Tibi show during New York Fashion Week wore purposefully chipped nails, making this look... officially on trend? Meaning my lazy, neglected nails are finally cool?! 

Teen Vogue notes that the nail art was created by Jin Soon Choi of JINsoon Nail Lacquer, who was inspired by the many women that don't have time to fix chipped nails. Preach! Each of the models were given chipped manicures in green, yellow, or red nail polish with one finger on each hand featuring a special glitter polish.

This probably doesn't have to be said, but this is a very easy look to make yourself at home. Just dab paint onto your nail and swirl it into uneven and fun shapes, leaving space around the edge of your nails. Seal the design with a top coat and voila! You have fashionably chipped nails worthy of the catwalk, apparently. 

Here's to hoping more lazy hacks become mainstream!