Bobbi Brown Teamed Up With Health Warrior To Create The World’s Most Beautiful Bar—Here’s What That Means

Over the years, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics has become a historical beauty conglomerate. Beyond gracing us wannabe beauty gurus with blinding highlighters and the latest innovative primers, the creator of the beauty brand, Bobbi Brown, has been a consistent proponent of charity work and female empowerment. While the beauty company has initiated organizations like the Pretty Powerful Campaign for Women & Girls, Brown is using her latest project the “World’s Most Beautiful Bar” to ensure the world is a more beautiful place.

Although Allure explains that Bobbi Brown left her iconic beauty company Bobbi Brown Cosmetics last year, Brown is still reigning over the beauty industry—just in less conventional beauty outlets. According to Forbes, Brown’s company justBOBBI is teaming up with Health Warrior to create a new product: the World’s Most Beautiful Bar. No, it’s not the world's most aesthetically pleasing bar or a pub that moonlights as a makeup studio. (Though, that does sound like the ideal bar.)

The World’s Most Beautiful Bar is a chia bar that’s packed with dragon fruit, which is full of nutritional essentials. Though a chia bar might not seem like a beauty product, fueling your body (especially in a healthy way) is always a good look.

Brown tells Forbes, “When it comes to beauty, I’m a firm believer that it starts from the inside out. For me, it’s simple: Your health shows on your face. If you take care of yourself, by eating the healthiest foods possible, drinking a ton of water, and moving your body every day, it shows. You look good and you feel good. You’re comfortable and confident in your own skin.” After all, nourishing your body can have substantial results for your self-esteem and body confidence.  

However, supporting people to eat healthier and become their own definition of “health warriors” isn’t even the most beautiful thing about the World’s Most Beautiful Bar. As Health Warrior explains, the bar is designed to help the company “do [its] part in supporting and empowering girls so that they can individually and collectively change the world for the better. To reinforce the message that beauty begins within.”

Proving that beauty and the beauty industry is more than skin-deep, 100 percent of the profits from the World’s Most Beautiful Bar will go to Girls Inc., which is a non-profit organization dedicated to mentoring young women so that they can grow up to be BA girl bosses.

What's more notable about this product is the fact that Health Warrior and Brown unveiled the World's Most Beautiful Bar a day before International Women's Day. Clearly, this collaboration is making history during National Women's History Month. 

The World’s Most Beautiful Bar just got a re-stock, and a box of 15 of these super-powered bars cost $19.99 with 100 percent of the profits going to Girls Inc. Cheers to this World’s Most Beautiful Bar that will make you feel more beautiful (in more ways than just your outward appearance), so pick up yours here.