The Best Eyeshadow Look for You Based on Your Zodiac Sign

If you’re looking to shake up your usual eyeshadow look, why not go to the stars for some personalized beauty advice? Whether you’re a calm Cancer searching for a bold new shade or a sultry Scorpio wanting to experiment, there’s a shadow trend your own sign can command! Thanks to the magic of astrology, we have the solid list of the perfect eyeshadow looks to try based on your zodiac sign.




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Libras are a breath of fresh air, so their eye makeup usually invites grace, daintiness and whimsy. For Libras, a pink eyeshadow suits their bright personality. Try going for a fall vibe and warm it up with redder tones. Bubblegum pinks and fuchsias are perfect for this eyeshadow combo, with white highlight or accents at the inner and outer corners. Finish it off with thin long lashes, and you’ve got the perfect Libra eyeshadow!




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Leos are golden goddesses to say the least. Gold, orange and bronze eyeshadow tones complement their shining bold personalities. Leos always go hard at whatever they do, so they are no stranger to shimmery shadows. Blend in deep browns and blacks at the outer corners of your golden eyeshadow to add more drama (as Leos do). A thick, bold cat eyeliner ties it all together into the eye-catching lid look every Leo would love.


Captivating and effervescent souls, Pisces always want their eyeshadow to express their inner brilliance. Pisces reach for dreamy colors like lilac, turquoise, and cerulean. Shiny blue pigment pots are fan favorites. Apply blue pigment onto your lids then bring it down to your bottom lash line. Be generous––you really want these arty colors to pop! Add white highlight in the middle of the lid and blend deeper shades like an indigo eyeshadow at the outer corners.

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Virgos are huge fans of practicality and simplicity, so they like to keep their makeup breezy and easy. Alluring and natural eye makeup suit Virgos no matter the occasion. Nude shades that border on being slightly lighter and slightly darker than your natural skin tone are musts for this eyeshadow. Try mixing in earthy tones as they can level up your eyeshadow for a night out. Blend in deep olives, browns, and dusty rose hues to give you the simple yet sophisticated Virgo flare.




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Eccentric style is second nature to any Aquarius. You seldom have a run-of-the-mill makeup routine as you’re a big fan of experimenting and trying new things. A colorful concept is central to Aquarius makeup, so try applying two or three contrasting colors to make your lids really pop! Mixing very cool colors (blues, purples and greens) with very warm colors (oranges, reds, and yellows) can make eyes appear livelier. For the Aquarius, a cut-crease is especially nice for your starkly contrasting colors.


Red is the signature color for the vibrant fire sign, Aries, so don those rosy hues with pride! Action-driven Aries always search for statements that express their constant enthusiasm and passion. Shades of red, including cherry reds and rosy pinks can suit any Aries beautifully. Glitter pots of red pigment can be the gorgeous finishing touch to your Aries-inspired eyeshadow. Frame your lids with a straight tipped eyeliner to bring the whole thing together.


Is it a real surprise that any Moonchild suits the shades of the moon perfectly? As one of the most romantic and emotionally-invested signs, Cancers exude a calmness like that of their moon. For eyeshadow that channels Cancer vibes, try misty grays and silver colors all over your eyelid. Think moon-colored makeup, basically! You can highlight the grays with hints of purple, then frame the lids with a thick black eyeliner. This Cancer-inspired makeup will make your soft eyes mimic a calm night sky.

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Lowkey queens of darkness, Scorpios master the black smoky eye like no other can. “Sultry” is basically a Scorpio’s middle name as they tend to search life for passion and ferocity. To reflect that sultry personality, find the richest jet-black eyeshadow you have and go wild! Don’t be afraid to go darker than you would with your everyday eye look. The key to this Scorpio-inspired smoky eye is to keep the black solely on the lid then blend light browns toward the crease. Start with light brown toward the bottom lash line and darken it up to your own preference. This will create the drama, depth and flattering mystery every Scorpio is known for.


Sagittarius signs thirst for adventure at every corner (including their inner and outer ones). Be adventurous with your eyeshadow colors! Bright purples, yellows and greens are just the fun colors the Sagittarius is not afraid to play with in their everyday eye makeup. Bursting with optimism and eager to travel to new lands, their makeup stays slaying yet versatile, so they will fit the aura of any new destination they wander to.




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As a Taurus, you walk the line between daintiness and ferocity. Pretty pinks are your specialty, but you always know how to spice it up with darker accents. Apply fuchsia or magenta eyeshadow toward the outer corners of the eyes and blend the colors out toward the crease. Create definition with a darker shade of pink or a purple and finish with that a curlier cat eye (curl the tip upward instead). As an earth sign, you love to mimic spring nature, but only in the most sophisticated ways. Sport your favorite earth tones and pink tints that reflect your Spring Taurus personality. 




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Geminis can never go wrong with a golden lid that still brings out their striking natural beauty. True balls of sunshine that everyone loves, Geminis look best in yellow. Yellow is no typical eyeshadow shade, but you can rock it with ease. Your vivid youth and naturally delicate features complement the yellow shade flawlessly. Lemon yellows and beiges blended together, with warm peach and brown in the crease and outer corners can make your eyes glow like a sunset. Pair your eyeshadow with a brown or soft black eyeliner for the ultimate sunny lids.


If there’s one sign that always knows what they’re doing, it’s Capricorn. Wise and more than easy on the eyes, Capricorns love to stay refined and classic with one calculated twist at the end. Nude colors on the lid make for an everyday chic eyeshadow but top it off with a different colored eyeliner. Teals, indigos, and peaches suit muted nudes best, so try those out to pack your typical eyeshadow with a punch.

All the unique traits and personalities you’d align with your zodiac sign may not be a hundred percent accurate of course (we’re all a lot more complex than that). But the fun vibes each sign offers some awesome makeup inspiration. Try out all these wildly different but equally stunning eyeshadow looks for your next outing and see how the stars’ advice suits you.