Beauty Products Our Editors Loved This Week: Mascaras, Face Wash & more!

As collegiettes our days are very busy — we barely have time to use all the beauty products we have, never mind keep track of all the new ones hitting shelves.  
Luckily, the beauty bloggers at Her Campus are here to try out some fun products and let you know which ones actually have our seal of approval! We'll answer all your questions: What makes one lip gloss better than another? Which new nail polish is worth the splurge? What does that perfume actually smell like?
This week we're telling you about a NARS tinted moisturizer, a totally-different Avon mascara, and a pretty cool face wash from The Body Shop!
If you've tried any of these products, we'd love to get your opinion too! Comment below and let us know what you think!
TINTED MOISTURIZER: NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer – Broad Spectrum SPF 30
Price: $42
Where to buy it: Nars Online, Sephora
How long did this product last? Product is a good size - which makes it worth the money. You don't need to use much at a time and so it looks as though it's going to last a long time.
How did you apply it? Applied with foundation brush. Great product since you can build your coverage very easily depending on what look you're going for. Application is simple and has no obvious problems or tricks - just apply with a brush and it will be even. 
What is your skin type? Pale (very pale!) and combination (dry/oily)
Lauren's Thoughts: This is the best tinted moisturizer that I've used in a long time! I love the coverage as you can built it for whatever occasion you need it for: lighter for during the day or coverage as good as a foundation for night. It feels really great on your skin as well which is such a great bonus. However, the best thing about this product is it's dewy finish which makes your skin look radiant! It's also great for the oily areas of your skin as it's an oil free product. This tinted moisturizer is a really great investment and a fantastic all round product. 
Simmone's Thoughts: Recently I tried the NARS tinted moisturizer after cycling through an array of other tinted moisturizers and BB creams. I was seeking a product with more coverage that left my skin not feeling weighed down or oily. The NARS product worked well with me because it perfectly matched my skin tone. In addition it offered more coverage than most tinted moisturizers, and probably all the BB creams that I had tried (on a side note, I think that the product may provide more coverage than other NARS products, such as their foundation and cover-up). It didn’t leave my skin looking oily per say, but it does leave the skin with a little bit of moisture giving you a dewy look. Overall I would recommend the product for ladies who want more coverage than a normal tinted moisturizer would provide, without appearing like you caked on makeup. 
MASCARA: Avon Mega Effects Mascara (black)
Price: $10
Where to buy it: Avon Website
Simmone's Thoughts: It seems like every week there is a new mascara out there claiming to make your lashes longer, fuller, thicker, etc. What I tend to find is that most mascaras (though there are an exceptional few) leave you lashes looking pretty similar. The trick that I have discovered, after trying seemingly hundreds of different tubes of mascara, is that the brush you use to apply the mascara makes all the difference. Avon's new Mega Effects Mascara may actually just be the exceptional few that stand out above the rest because of its new and innovate applicator. Avon does away with the traditional tubular brush with a plethora of bristles, instead using what looks like a miniature paint brush. The brush presents only one row of bristles and is wider than your usual brush, making it easy to literally brush onto your lashes. Since you are holding the brush so much closer to the applicator you have much more control and can get to hard to reach places much easier, like the corners of your eyes. The applicator seems to do the trick because my lashes were in fact longer, fuller, and thicker. I am swapping out more traditional brushes for Avon's and hope to see similar brushes on convenient store shelves soon.
FACE WASH: The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash 
Price: $10
Where to buy it: The Body Shop and The Body Shop Online
Janine's Thoughts: This facial wash is excellent! Somehow it manages to make my skin feel clean and fresh without drying it out like other chemical cleansers do. Plus, it's all-natural and fairly traded.