This App Knows What Your Skincare Routine Is Based On Your Selfies

Whether your skincare routine involves a simple wash-and-moisturize or you're a total beauty junkie who layers serums, creams, SPF and more on your face daily, the goal is always the same: to have healthy, dewy skin. But is that $5 really the best thing for you? Is that $50 eye cream actually worth it? RYNKL, a new skincare app available this week on Android and for iPhone user in February, will answer those questions for you. All you need to provide? Selfies. Ooh, ~science~.

RYNKL tracks your skin's progress with weekly or daily selfies. The app spots fine lines and wrinkles in the five key areas of your face: between your eyebrows, in the spots around both of your eyes, on your cheeks and around your mouth. After you've let the app observe your selfies, you'll get a RYNKL score—lower numbers indicate your products are doing something right, while higher numbers mean you should maybe invest in something different.

So, are your skincare products working for you?