All the Astrology Lipsticks Bite Beauty Has Released So Far & A Look at the New Taurus Shade

Bite Beauty has been releasing new shades of lipstick each month according to the corresponding zodiac sign, and when finished, the astrology collection will hold 12 different colors that best match the vibe of each sign's personality. According to AllureBite consults astrologist Tara Greene to come up with the best hues, and so far, each one has been pretty spot-on! 


The latest shade release in the collection is for all of our Taurus gals. Being an earth sign, it makes sense that the corresponding color is a muted rose. “Taurus is an earth sign, ruled by the planet of love, Venus," Greene explained in a press release. "Sleepy, sensual Taurus is enamored with everyday luxuries: Flowers, chocolate, and all the finer things in life are essential to beauty-loving bulls. Find them running a florist shop, decorating and re-decorating their stylish abodes, or whipping up a delish new dish.”

Being a Taurus myself, I can say I'm absolutely in love with this color (it’s just sooo me). And, a word of advice to my fellow Taurus babes out there: Go get this one fast––every other shade has sold out after two days!

Here are all of the other lipsticks that have been released so far:



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The first to debut, the Aquarius lipstick is a bright berry color that reflects the social ways of the sign.



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A neutral peach color is representative of the creative and pensive Pisces.



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This lip shade is a bright orange, destined to grab the attention of anyone who sees it and perfect for the bold Aries.

Remember: The color of the month is ~limited edition~ and first come first serve, so make sure you’re ready to spend $26 on a lip shade that's straight from the stars the moment it debuts!