7 Tips to Rescue and Prevent Sun-Damaged Hair

During these hot summer months, you will probably be spending a lot of time at the pool. While using sunscreen is a no-brainer to preventing skin cancer, not to mention a nasty sunburn, you may forget that chlorine damage and sun overexposure can also damage your hair.
“With warmer weather, more people are beginning to enjoy outdoor activities,” says Joey Noufal, owner of Noufal HairColor Studio and the newly launched franchise operation in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area. “Caution, though, as sun exposure lightens hair, and lounging poolside leaves hair with chlorine build up.”

But, according to Noufal, it’s not too late to prevent or even rescue sun-damaged hair — even if you have already set the world record for the number of hours spent at the pool this summer.
"Despite summer months and the damage the season can havoc on hair, these steps can ensure hair is safe and ready to take on the dry months ahead," adds Noufal.
Healthy Hair Tips

  • Use a Shampoo/Conditioner with SPF: To help protect your hair from harmful sun elements, use a shampoo/conditioner that contains an SPF. Goldwell’s Definition products are great, and you can find them in stores and salons across the country. The more you are outside, the more protection you need — especially if you have color-treated hair, which is lightened more by the sun than uncolored hair is.
  • Take a Cold Shower: Yes, even while taking a shower your hair is exposed to chlorine. As you work up more of a sweat this summer and (hopefully) take more showers, keep in mind that there is chlorine in your household water. When taking a warm or hot shower, hot chlorine, which has a higher intensity level than cold chlorine, is being activated. Instead of avoiding showers all together, do everyone and your hair a favor by taking cold or slightly warm showers.
  • Conditioner to the Rescue: I do not know what I would do without my hair conditioner, especially during these hot months when my hair can get really frizzy. A deep moisturizing conditioner can help to restore your hair’s natural healthy elements and protect color treatments. Redken’s Smooth Down conditioner, which can be found in salons, helps to control frizz for those of you with curly hair. Leave-in conditioners, such as Neutrogena’s Triple Moisture Silk Touch Leave-In Cream, are fantastic, too. Just spray on about 10 to 12 squirts and massage through your hair, and you will be frizz free!
  • Don’t Forget the Scalp: Your scalp needs to be protected, too, so be sure to use an SPF treatment for your scalp and hair. Products such as Nioxin’s Scalp Guard Sunblock are especially good for those of you with short hair, as your scalp may be more exposed to sunlight.

  • Balance Your Color: Don’t let the sun ruin your color! To keep you hair color in proper condition, Noufal recommends having a color balancing treatment applied every six to 12 weeks. Keep in mind that if your hair is a lighter color, the color treatment will fade out more quickly. With Goldwell coloring, the color is pulled through the ends, not just the roots. Since no color processing or ammonia is involved in this treatment, there is no threat of damaging your hair!
  • Controlling Humidity: Did you know that if you dry your hair 100 percent of the way through, it will help to prevent humidity from affecting your luscious locks? You can also use a flat iron, since it helps to control the ends of your hair, and straightening serums or linear creams that help straighten hair to protect yourself against the humidity.
  • Cold, Not Hot: Jacuzzis may be fun, but those of you who have color-treated hair need to be cautious because of the hot water. If you are bleach blond or have heavily highlighted hair, you should not get into a hot Jacuzzi for any length of time. Why? The ends of your hair can turn green — even if you have only been in the Jacuzzi for two minutes. If you just can’t resist the Jacuzzi (I can’t blame you,) make sure your hair is up and out of the water. It is best to swim in a cold swimming pool if you are worried about keeping your color.

I hope these tips will help to keep your hair gorgeous (just like you!) all summer long. If you would like more information, visit www.noufalhaircolorstudio.com.

Joey Noufal, Award-Winning Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist, Owner of Noufal HairColor Studio
Jennifer Thomas, APR, President of FSR Ventures