7 Bold Beauty Tips for the Girl Who Usually Doesn’t Wear Makeup

Sometimes, the thought of wearing bright red lipstick to class is exactly our idea of stepping up our makeup game. Other times, it seems seriously terrifying. Honestly, even a tube of mascara can be intimidating, especially if you aren’t big on wearing makeup.

Except – is it really?

Most of the time, bold makeup (and any makeup in general) isn’t scary because we hate it, it’s scary because we’re not sure how to or if we can pull it off. But anyone can pull off a bold makeup look – it just takes faith, trust, and some bright, pigmented dust!

So even if you don’t usually wear makeup, you can still have fun being bright and trendy, or dark and vampy if that’s more your vibe. Here are seven of our favorite tips on pulling off bold beauty looks!

1. Start small

We’re all guilty of this: when we decide to try a new trend, sometimes we commit to wearing it for the whole day, which can make it feel ten times more intimidating. Start small! Wear some bright lipstick or funky eyeliner when you’re running your morning errands and you know you’ll be home after an hour or two. Less commitment and less stress.

2. Pick an event

Rebecca Breitstein, a sophomore at the University of Southern California, says that as someone who usually doesn’t wear much makeup, she prefers to save bold looks for special occasions.

“I reserve bold trends for dance shows, going out, etc.—times when I want to stand out and take my look to another level. Bold looks draw a lot of attention,” says Breitstein. “I like wearing less makeup and impressing others at my own discretion.”

If this sounds like you, save that smokey eye for your next night out!

3. Keep everything else simple

 Not only is this tip helpful if you don’t usually wear makeup, it’s just great practice, in general, to balance out drama with some neutrals. Pick one feature to play up, whether it’s a rainbow highlighter on your cheeks or coral lipstick, and let that be the focal point of your look.

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4. Work with your favorite color

If you’re not sure where to even start, pick a favorite color and make that the theme of your makeup. If you love the color you’re wearing, you won’t be as nervous about wearing that purple eyeshadow or lipstick. And when in doubt, you can always check out Sephora's Bestseller's list for ideas on classic reds, or their New products list for just-released shadows.

5. Enlist some help

Keep an eye out for free makeup classes or makeovers at your local department stores, Sephora, Ulta, or any other beauty store. You can ask the makeup artist to give you a bolder look and learn about some new techniques and products from a professional.

6. Check out some YouTube videos

If finding a free makeover class doesn’t work out, or if you want some more inspiration, turn to YouTube for inspiration and tutorials. Check out beauty gurus like Nikkie Tutorials or Nellie Robert for tips, tricks, and step by step videos. If you usually don’t wear makeup, search for bold makeup looks with drugstore products. That way you can invest less and experiment more. YouTuber Sarahy Delarosa has a great video using drugstore makeup to create a bold look! You can check it out here.

7. Try it at home first

Another huge mistake people make is trying their bold makeup out for the first time while getting ready for the day or evening. Test out the look or product you want to use once or twice before you’re ready to take it outside. This way, you’ll feel confident and ready to rock your look.

Gabrielle Oates, a senior at Boston University, says that makeup should match your mood. “It’s something that’s important to be in the mood for bold looks or you’ll feel off and exposed when you’re wearing it,” says Oates. "But when the mood is right - you feel like a queen."

Feeling ready to step out of your makeup comfort zone? Swipe on some colored eyeliner, dab on some glitter, and get ready to make heads turn!