6 Makeup Ideas That You'll Want to Wear All December

Thanksgiving is over, the remaining holidays are right around the corner, and we believe the final month of the year should be spent looking and feeling glam AF. So, what crazy and beautiful beauty looks are you going to fit into the rest of 2018? Whether it's a signature red lip for your holiday parties, or channeling your inner ice queen with some sparkles, there are so many fun ways to make your makeup festive to close out the year. 

Here's a roundup of inspo from our favorite beauty icons with makeup looks you'll want to imitate this month. 

1. Blue & Gray Shadow



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Combining blue and gray shades channels a pouty winter vibe, especially if you finish with a nude matte lip. 

2. Nut-Brown Eyes & Lips



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We love nut-brown and coffee-colored shades for December, because they feel on brand with holiday treats and warm drinks. A nude lip is comfy, yet stylish, so it's pretty safe for whatever you've got planned for the rest of the year. For a more startling effect, match your eyeshadow with peachy lips. 

3. Shimmery Highlights



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Rihanna is coming in hot with the holiday party makeup inspiration. The eyes and lips in this look have heavy shading with purple metallic colors, and you'll notice that the cheeks also have a faint trace of shimmery purple highlight. It might feel like a lot when you're in the application phase, but the finished result will be so worth it. 

4. Heavy, Dark Brows




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Sometimes, eyebrows are a look all on their own, especially if you're going for understated tones on your eyes and lips. Give your brows heavy definition – like, heavier than you've ever given them before – and pair with long lashes to keep the focus on the top half of your face.  

5. Classic Red Lip



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Of course, we can’t forget about the famous red lip. This is a fast way to elevate a simple sweater + leggings outfit, or add a pop of color when the winter weather is washing you out. Whether you prefer a lush berry or signature red, there are so many ways (and days) to wear this look. 

6. Glossy All-Over



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Dewy lips, eyes, cheeks – no matter what, gloss is in and should be a staple to keep your skin looking fresh. You can get this look by wearing the Glossier Clear Lip Gloss or Flesh Beauty Flesh Pot dabbed lightly over your eyelids and cheekbones. 

There are only a few more weeks left of 2018, so make the most of them with these great winter looks!

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