The 5 Best Video Tutorials For Your Best Brows Ever

It's safe to say that the beauty world has been all about eyes this year. Of course, flawless brows are still at the center of everybody's obsessions. While we can't guarantee you perfect brows in under 30 seconds, we can promise you that you're exactly one YouTube video away from your best brows ever. Which one of our five is right for you?

1. You want to wax your own brows

If you find that you're just too busy to rearrange your schedule to see an esthetician, this tutorial from YouTuber Dolce Candy shows you how to be your own brow bae. While waxing your own brows can seem a little intimidating, she breaks down each step and gives an overview of the products she uses (each of which you can purchase at your local beauty supply store). This Starter Wax Kit from GiGi ($60) is has literally everything you need to DIY the perfect arches. Think of how much you'll save when you're no longer paying $20 visits to the salon!

2. You need to give a little love to your unruly brows

Ok, so maybe waxing your own brows doesn't sound like your thing, totally understandable. But if you don’t have the time (or $$) to see a pro every time your brows need a little TLC, this tutorial is for you. Courtney Lundquist goes over everything from trimming your brows to adding definition to your natural arch to give your brows more dimension. The Bold Brow Kit ($36) from Anastasia Beverly Hills has just about everything you need to get your brows in top shape.

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3. You need a couple of pointers for brow basics

If you're just looking for some direction on how to make the most of your natural brows by adding a bit of definition, look no further. In this video for Sephora, celebrity makeup artist Lisa Eldridge shows you how to create the most natural look ever by filling in and defining your brows with just one brow pencil. Recreate the look yourself with the same Lancome Les Sourcils Définis pencil ($25). Can we also just say that we love how Eldridge complimented her tame brow with a bold lip?

4. You want to try out a subtly fuller brow

This is the perfect tutorial to learn how to channel your inner Cara Delevingne and try out a fuller look than you may be used to. Lisa Potter-Dixon, Benefit Cosmetics’ Head Makeup and Trend Artist, shows you how to get Cara-worthy brows in less than five minutes with this video. The best part is that her careful technique ensures that you’ll never have that ‘drawn-on’ look! Benefit’s own Brow Zings Tame & Shape Kit ($32) has literally everything you need to make this look yours.

5. According to you, the bolder the brow, the better

If you're looking to amp up the drama in your makeup routine, get ready for your boldest brows ever. Seriously, Kim Kardashian would be jealous of the perfect look Bulgarian beauty blogger Denitslava shows you how to create. A couple of tools you'll want to have at the ready before delving into this tutorial are: an eyebrow spooli (although an old mascara wand that you've cleaned thoroughly works well too!) and liquid concealer with a brush applicator. For the best luck at recreating this look, we recommend the Anastasia Beverly Hills Bold Brow Kit ($36), which has the most tools similar to those Denitslava uses. Bonus: you'll have all the tools to touch up your brows with tutorial #1!

Now you know that no matter your brow needs are, you’re about five minutes away from your perfect arch!