25 Things Only Makeup Addicts Understand

Whether you're a Sephora lover or you're loyal to Ulta until you die, every makeup addict can relate to the following.

1. Winged eyeliner is literally a science

Even we're still trying to figure it out.

2. And you get emotionally unstable when your eyes don't come out perfectly even

ESPECIALLY when you already had your eyeshadow done and you realize you have to redo everything.

3. This face you give yourself in the mirror every morning

It's pretty much impossible to apply mascara without doing it.

4. And this totally accurate meme

Best feeling in the world.

5. You're obviously a Sephora Beauty Insider

Earn 3x points on skin care products? Better buy the whole store.

6. That feeling when you get a makeover from a beauty counter makeup artist

You get to pretend for just a day that you have your very own glam squad.

7. Halloween takes on a whole new meaning

...And also requires several hours of preparation.

8. And, yes, sometimes you get a little carried away

So what?

9. But let's be honest: You weren't always a makeup queen. Your teenage years definitely looked something like this

You know, back before you knew how to correctly prime, conceal, stipple, blend, line, smudge, contour and strobe.

10. But you've totally got this whole makeup thing down now

Yes, you've even become a pro at (some of) these insanely complicated (and just straight up insane looking) makeup methods.

11. And you've mastered your signature look

Whether it's a bold red lip and black winged eye, bold brows and a simple swipe of mascara or a more natural, nude look.

12. All thanks to your obsession with YouTube makeup tutorials

You binge watch them like they're Netflix.

13. Proving that you've transformed your look significantly since your more awkward years

Thank God.

14. At the expense of your wallet, which has been on a serious diet ever since you discovered your love for designer products

But hey, at least you got free shipping (...because you spent over $50, but no one needs to know that...)

15. But it's made you get your priorities straight

How can you cry when you've got $32 mascara on?!

16. That look you give yourself when you're doing your makeup and you know you look good

*Praying you actually see people today so your makeup doesn't go to waste.*

17. Your phone is full of selfies showing your best looks

...That you quickly try to delete before anyone scrolls through your photo library.

18. There are major faux pas that you should never bring up to a makeup addict

Like, "Do you really need 20 shades of the same lipstick?" or, "What's the point of having all four Naked palettes?"

19. Or when someone gets too close to your fresh face of makeup

Back. Off. Please.

20. The feeling of pride you have when a younger sister, cousin or family friend starts wearing makeup and totally skips the awkward phase

No racoon eyes? No cakey foundation or streak marks? No electric blue eye shadow? Teach us your ways!

21. Wearing makeup isn’t always fun and games

Please just don't look at me.

22. Like when you wake up late and hardly have any time to get ready

You'd think we would have learned by now.

23. Or that annoying moment when you have to do a touch up in public and you see someone hardcore judging you

Can you just not?

24. But as much as we love putting make up on, we equally love taking it off

So refreshing.

25. And most of all, this:

And we are just as comfortable without it, too!