15 Bangs Styles That Prove Any Hair Type Can Rock the Look

When I think of myself and bangs, an image of a sticky-mouthed four-year-old with a popsicle in one hand and a Hello Kitty doll in the other comes to mind. Like many little girls, I sported the bangs trend at a young age. But when done correctly, bangs past the age of four can be a totally chic, beauty statement.

Whether you have long and thick, thin and wispy, or short and curly hair, there is a way for everyone to rock bangs. So here's endless bang inspo for your next hair appointment! 

  1. 1. Curls Galore

    Curly-haired friends, look no further. Instagram influencer Angie Jose is slaying the bouncy, spiraled bangs look. If your coiled locks have ever made you question trying a fringe, take a scroll through Angie's Instagram to erase any doubts.

  2. 3. Pixie & Bangs

    Audrey Hepburn's short pixie with bangs will always be iconic, just FYI. 

  3. 4. Shoulder-Length 

    Let's be honest, Lily Collins looks amazing with any hair style. Her thick bangs and shoulder-length cut is no exception. Working with thick hair can be tricky when photos of wispy, windswept bangs are all that come up in your feed.

    It's about time bold bangs take the spotlight.

  4. 5. Textured Waves

    Face-framing pieces are the perfect touch to the messy, textured "I woke up like this" look. Seriously, if a little snip is all it takes to get perfectly undone waves, sign me up.

  5. 6. Long & Thick

    Hannah Simone's character, Cece, in New Girl wore her thick hair long, sleek and with blunt bangs. As someone with long hair, I know the emotional trauma that comes with the thought of getting your locks anywhere near a pair of shears, but results like Cece's would be worth it.

  6. 7. Teased Bangs

    It wouldn't be right to talk about bangs without reference to Bridget Bardot's, classic half-up with bangs style. This girl's teased, blonde mane is the perfect candidate for wispy, face-framing pieces.

  7. 8. Tyra Bangs

    Tyra always looks runway ready. One Instagram user commented, "Tyra BANGS." I'm definitely living for her long and sleek bangs right now.

  8. 9. Bob Bangs

    I think it's safe to say a good bob and bangs combo is pretty much always a good idea. I'm certain this cut is a literal elixir when you're over having too much heavy hair.

  9. 10. Rainbow Bangs

    Thank you for demonstrating that purple hair is made even more flawless with some fierce bangs to pull it all together.


  10. 11. Light & Fluffy

    Sarah Hay's "barely there" bangs are totally working in her tousled red hair.

  11. 12. Thin Bob

    When Taylor Swift chopped off her famous curls, her locks only got better looking. For anyon who doesn't have the thickest hair, Taylor's style is basically a go-to.

  12. 13. Volume & Waves

    Bangs with bombshell volume and loose waves is a total vibe. 

  13. 14. Bouncy Ponytail

    Arianna Grande always has a mix of sleek and playful, bouncy hair. The "7 Rings" singer has volume for days with those bangs and I am absolutely here for it.

  14. 15. Sleek & Glossy

    Shay Mitchell is slaying the fringe game. If your hair is super sleek like the You actress and doesn't ever seem to hold a curl, check out how sophisticated straight, shiny bangs look.

Whatever your hair type is, there's no reason to fear the bangs. There's tons of great inspo for all hair types and they grow out in time.