14 Super Delicate Hand Tattoos Your Mom Might Not Totally Hate

Want a tattoo that's slightly visible and won't make your mom totally freak out? Then, you might want to get a delicate and cute hand tattoo.

Here are 14 hand tattoo ideas that you and even your mom will absolutely love.

  1. 2. Heart Tattoos

    The top of your hand is a perfect place to get a simple and shaded tattoo of a small heart.

  2. 3. Coffee Tattoos

    For all my fellow coffee lovers, this tattoo is absolutely perfect for you.

  3. 6. Bracelet Tattoos

    This bracelet tattoo is basically a two-for-one deal. You get some ink, and you have a permanent accessory for every outfit.

  4. 7. Flower Finger Tattoo

    This tattoo is so sweet that your mom won't even care that you're flipping everyone off each time you show it. 

  5. 8. Letter Tattoos

    Commemorate someone special in your life with this simple lettering.

  6. 9. Script Tattoos

    Sometimes you need a little reminder to breathe and what better way than to have it permanently written on your hand!

  7. 10. Fine-Line Tattoos

    Fine-line tattoos are perfect if you want something super simple, yet elegant. This fine-line leaf is so cute that if you paired it with some rings it'll look more like jewelry than a tattoo.  

  8. 11. Line Tattoos

    It's all about the simplicity with this one. 

  9. 12. Dot Tattoos

    The side of your hand can be the perfect canvas for tiny tattoos that don't require a ton of detail.

  10. 13. White Ink Tattoos

    These are the ultimate slightly visible tattoos on the market. This North Star looks so good in white ink!

  11. 14. Sun & Moon Tattoos

    Moon and sun tattoos are classic, but you can give them a different spin by placing them above the knuckle.

TBH, telling your mom that you have a tattoo can be more terrifying than the actual pain of the needle on your skin. She might not be for it at first, but ultimately, it's about what make's you happy. Tattoos are a way to express yourself and be creative on your own body. They're meant for you and no one else. And who knows? Your mom may love them just as much as you do and get one herself.