10 Halloween Nail Art Ideas You Can Actually Do At Home

Creativity and out-of-the-box manicures become super popular during the Halloween season, and as the holiday approaches, we're seeing inspo pop up all over Pinterest and Instagram. The only issue? Many aren't always achievable without the help of a nail artist. Being able to create your dream nail art at home (and without tons of fancy tools or skills) is so helpful in keeping the season stress-free. We rounded up ten of the best (actually) DIY Halloween nail art ideas from Instagram to keep your nails pretty and in season, without the stress or cost.

1. Fall Glam Nails



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This nail look might seem complex, but with three colors and one little leaf design, it ends up being one of the prettiest. The sweet leaf design can be made by pressing your regular nail brush down into triangular shapes until you get the look you want! Use a Q-tip to make the gold polka dots. You can even switch up the color scheme and design to make this last through the rest of fall or even the entire holiday season.

2. Halloween Variety Nails



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If you can’t decide on just one nail DIY, this look has five-in-one, and each is relatively simple. From confetti to a simple pumpkin to a witch's hat, this look is one you can vary based on your own skills, the colors of polish you have available, and what you like.

3. Spiderwebs



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Choose any dark color and layer white lines in a spiderweb shape to create a creepy fall look. Don’t have a thin nail brush? Just use a toothpick dipped in white polish. For a variation on this look, add a little spider using a Q-tip and some black polish.

4. Ghost Nails



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Black and white are two staple colors in anyone’s polish collection, so chances are you already have these on hand. Paint all of your nails black (or another dark shade) and then on the accent nail of your choice, add a simple white ghost. Make it as cute or spooky as you like!

5. Fall Patterns



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Simple fall color staples like white, maroon and glittery copper-orange come together with an easy, customizable zig-zag pattern for an elegant and cute nail look! This one could last you through the whole month of October without being over-the-top.

6. Frankenstein Nails



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Frankenstein comes to life in this bright green nail look. People will instantly recognize who your nails represent and this look will definitely spark up a conversation. Classic horror stories have shaped our celebrations of Halloween every year, and paying homage to a classic like this is always a good choice. Use a toothpick or thin brush to make stitches and you’re all set. This is probably easier than a French nail because the lines can wobble and go in any direction you like.

7. Spiders



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A bright orange polish makes the perfect backdrop for Halloween spider nails. The key to a nail look being simple and easy to achieve? Being able to break the design down into simple shapes and knowing what you already have that can create those shapes. For these spiders, just like the looks above, a Q-tip and toothpick can create the shapes in a flash.

8. Halloween Stripes



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Let’s be real: Stripes are always a good look. These striped nails are festive through alternating Halloween nail colors of your choice, and even if they become a little wobbly, they’ll still look amazing! Vary the direction, colors or shape of the lines for an easy accent nail.

9. Jack-O-Lanterns



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Jack-O-Lanterns and pumpkins are cute as is, but transform them into a sparkly nail look and you are all set for Halloween. You can choose what your Jack-O-Lantern’s facial expressions are and make the shapes accordingly. If you would rather have just pumpkins, eliminate the facial expressions and add a few green leaves and a stem at the top of your nail.

10. Glittery Candy Corn Nails



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This design is beautiful and can be as easy as you make it. Simplify this look a few notches by painting your whole nail white and layering sparkly yellow and orange on top. To create the original look shown here, paint the look, add sparkles and outline with black for an extra pop.

Halloween is the best time to show your creativity in beauty and make-up. Have fun jazzing up any outfit with one of these nail designs!