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Tori McDowell

C of C '21

Originally a San Diego desert native but quickly found haven in little Summerville, SC. I am a Junior at the College of Charleston ( I didn’t have to frolic too far from home for college), I am double majoring in Creative Writing and Dance. I love sliding on hardwood in socks, eating far too much bread, turning in assignments at the last minute- and most of all I love Jesus.Some might call me a writer. I prefer the term professional word vomiter. I am constantly captivated the ability of aesthetics to capture emotional validity. Movement and syllables are so fundamentally synonymous, in my opinion; I enjoy being able to express their harmony with pencils that are mostly erasers and loose-leaf paper. (usually found at the bottom of my bag)May this be almost as great Jesus Christ Superstar and be a glimpse into a collection of 8-am classes, wobbly headstands, half memorized bible verses, and the simplicity of a girl learning to love herself with the same fondness she does walk-in closets and water slides.