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Tammy Pham

U Mass Boston '24

Tammy Pham is a member of Her Campus UMass Boston Chapter. I write articles for the team.

I’m in my fourth year at the University of Massachusetts Boston and I am currently pursuing a double concentration in Finance and Marketing. Outside of the university, I work as a Beauty Advisor at Ulta where I utilize customer services skills in order to satisfy guests’ needs. Additionally, I also work in Task, where I help maintain the integrity of the store.

When I have down time, I enjoy spending it with my friends and family by visiting new places to explore. I also enjoy free writing on the side, just to get all my thoughts out. Coincidentally, I like finding new songs to listen to in order to encapsulate the mood while I write. Furthermore, as mentioned, working at Ulta has increased my level of interest in the beauty industry, and I hope to use my degree to further my path along the cosmetics business world.