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Sophia Gillis

UWB '26

Sophia Gillis, currently attending university at University of Washington Bothell, to achieve a Biology and Psychology degree. I hope to eventually become a psychiatrist after both med-school and residency. On a professional scale, I find interest in mental health and social perceptions spanning across humanity.

I was born and raised in Washington, and have always seen the PNW as my home. Though I do love to travel, I believe it is nice to have one place in the world that acts as a sturdy and comforting home base.

Personally, my interests and hobbies lie more towards the creative arts. I enjoy cooking, painting, music, drama, and film, but my most passionate hobbies are drawing and writing. I enjoy literature so much, that I have a couple of online stories with a decent following as of current day. I look forward to writing more as time goes on.

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