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Snigdha Nair

MSU '27

Snigdha is a new writer at Her Campus MSU. As a first-year Humanities Pre-Law major, she hopes to pursue a career in IP Law and has fresh perspectives to contribute to her ongoing experiences as she navigates college in East Lansing.

Essays are Snigdha’s favorite assignment, and she loves to write both academically and creatively. In high school, she co-founded a School Communications Committee that ran social media pages to increase student-to-teacher engagement. She was also a board member of the club Girl Up and served as her school choir's social media manager. In the summer of 2024, she will be a Learning & Engagement Programs intern at the Henry Ford.

Snigdha has dedicated over fifteen years of her life to performance, mostly in the theater. She loves her found family and looks forward to fostering the same community at HCMSU. In her free time, Snigdha loves to read, sing, vlog, and spend every second she can with her friends and family.