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samantha bienstock

FIT '19

I am a blogger in New York city who helps create inspiration for women to feel
empowered through fashion trends, beauty products + lifestyle ideas!
I spend my time staying up to date on fashion, so you don’t have to!

This trendy ambitious blonde redefines the meaning of the word shopaholic! The word is
truly an understatement, well at least for me. My name is Samantha B and I am
currently finishing up a CAD for Art + Design program at FIT, along with holding a degree in
design, merchandising and business management from WVU! I am a Munsell certified colorist!
Just call me a colorful fashionista. I have worked in the fashion industry since 2008 and launched
my RTW brand in 2015. This unicorn, pink and glitter loving woman is now dipping her toes
into the influencer world.

Welcome to the colorful world of the Trendy Ambitious Blonde!


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