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Regina Burke

DePaul '26

Her HC DePaul is to create content on the social media team, specifically TikTok. She also runs the TikTok for her sorority at DePaul, and have been on Social teams in the past because she really enjoys the creation process, and also because it is a field she is considering going into as a profession. She is a sophomore Public Relations and Advertising major with a minor in Creative Writing. She hopes one day to manage a brand's social media or a sports team's social media.
She is a member of a wonderful sorority, which has led to everlasting friendships within, and a foundation of strong women. It also has allowed to have the opportunity to run the TikTok page. Last year, she was a member on the Social Media team for DePaul's literary magazine Crook & Folly, which provided her with new experience. She enjoys creative writing such as poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction, which leads into the next organization she is a part of: Writer's Guild. She is an avid member of Writer's Guild, which is a collaborative and kind community of writers who workshop their pieces for feedback. She look forward to every meeting, and have formed many friendships.
She is from a suburb outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and the east coast is very near and dear to her heart. Besides writing, she enjoys shopping, reading, watching television, creating vision boards, and going out to eat (although very hard on a college budget). Recently, she has been trying to create a capsule wardrobe, supporting small businesses instead of Starbucks, treating herself every now and then with a sweet treat (very important), and rewatching Normal People. Her go to coffee order is an iced vanilla latte with coconut milk.

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