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Morgan Miles

Xavier '24

Hola, I'm Morgan. I'm currently a Sophomore at Xavier University in Ohio majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and the Public (barely passing math). Usually, I self-proclaim as a chocolate-vanilla swirl: I'm mixed. I should also throw out there that my pronouns are she/her, I'm pansexual, and suffer from an addiction to dessert.

For being the youngest and smartest child I had to be tossed the genetic dump. Narcolepsy, PCOS, my brain's iron-deficiency, and astigmatism in addition to near-sightedness are among a few of my vices as a human being. Not that I have many flaws in the first place.

I love talking about politics, debating, reading, writing, working out, and crocheting. My favorite genre of music is alternative rock, and the absolute worst torture is having to listen to country your whole life instead because you live in the middle-of-nowhere-cornville. Most importantly my favorite color is yellow.

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