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Miriamgelly De Gracia Santos

UPR '20

I'm really bad at making my biography, because I'm a very simple gal. I'm a 24-year-old islander who studies Comparative Literature and all that i'm looking to do is read and write through life. I'm a sucker for fiction, dark chocolate and, all that is spooky. Because of my dad being born in the States (New Orleans) most of my pop culture references are very americanized and 70's based. My mom is a dark Antillan woman who lives for her art and her 3 children. I picked up reading by myself and easily fell in love with it when I was halfway through elementary school, by middle school I discovered the wonderful world of fanfictions and it made me dabble a bit into writing. College gave me the push to start showing my material and stop being afraid. So, here I am, not being afraid.