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max hense

LSU '26

Hi! My name is Max (she/her), and I was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. Right now, I’m a sophomore at Louisiana State University, currently pursuing a degree in public relations. After graduation, I intend to continue to work in the PR and marketing industries - it’s really where I’ve found my passion. I’ve been involved in student journalism and social media management since high school. I worked as the editor for the arts and entertainment section of my high school newspaper, as well as managed the social media profiles for the Domicile West art gallery in Seattle. I pride myself on my creativity, authenticity, and flexibility in everything I do.
Beyond school, I’m all about self expression and personal style. I think being comfortable in your skin is the first step to impacting and influencing the world around you. Thrifting, making jewelry, and writing poetry are all ways I work to express myself on the daily. I’ve also been involved in local advocacy since I was a teenager, and I’m particularly passionate about sustainability and eco friendliness – growing up in the Pacific Northwest will do that to you.
Ultimately, I think creating community and closeness in a digital word is crucial to staying connected. Spending time with my friends and team helps keep me grounded and current in everything I do.