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Maura Dern


I have arrived at my Senior year as a Journalism major at the Univeristy of Utah and once graduation hits I have no idea what's next. But that's kinda the cool thing about it. The possibilities are endless and I am never one to say no way.


I have grown up in the bubble of Salt Lake City, Utah and happen to know a thing or two about being the one that doesn't quite fit the norm. I am awkward sometimes and a little embarrassed about how funny I think I am. The first thing someone will say about me when they meet me is that I am a sass, and I won't deny it.


If life were a Subway sandwich and we could choose our bread and every one of our toppings then every year would be a new destination and peanutbutter would have zero calories. I am never not listening to music or doodling in future plans and trips into my dayplanner. I like to pretend I am a runner, really it's just a way for me to be outside a little longer everyday. If you like the Southern Utah desert and late night burritos then you are immediately my best friend.