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Marisa Cramer

NCSU '25

Marisa is a 3rd-year Psychology major and a Non-Profit studies minor. She hopes to use her degree to work with non-profits around the Triangle in order to improve her community. Currently, she works in an adulthood well-being psychology lab for credit hours on campus analyzing data concerning mental health and cognitive impairments such as Alzheimers disease. Overall, Marisa is trying out multiple things in order to build her experience and find her area of interest. After graduating in 2025, Marisa plans to take a year (or more) off from school before returning to get her Masters degree in Psychology.

Marisa has always enjoyed crafting, and has really embraced this side of herself all her life. Currently, her favorite crafts are crochet, knitting on the Sentro machine, collage, jewelry making, and candle making. Oftentimes she finds herself perusing the shelves of Hobby Lobby or Michaels in search of her new craft hyper-fixation. One of her favorite things to do is keep a creative scrapbook to abstractly put together some of her favorite memories and keep track of books and movies she enjoys.