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Margaret Logston

WSU '25

Maggie Logston works as WSU HerCampus' chapter as senior editor. She loves learning new things and edits a variety of pieces for the online magazine. As someone that has great respect for written language, this is a fun and fulfilling position that she gets to participate in.

Right now Maggie is pursuing a double major of Psychology and Human development. She aspires to go into a masters in hopes to work as a family and marriage counselor. While loving her editorship, she also works as a TA for psychology and has learned teamwork and leadership skills by being a LAUNCH ambassador at WSU. In this, she keeps herself busy with two jobs on campus.

Maggie is a loving cat mom and may be a bit obsessed with her pets. She also loves to spend her free time reading, watching grays anatomy for the sixth time, and watching her significant other play golf. Maggie has also been very fortunate to travel and move around a lot, so she has visited many of the states, and has been out of the country once. She aspires to visit more countries and states as she loves learning about history and different cultures.

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