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Makena Lowe

SJSU '26

Hello, I’m Makena Lowe, a design student with a passion for animation. I thrive on creating aesthetic animations that connect with the audience and drive for more engagement. As an active member of Her Campus, I find joy in connections with like minded individuals and contributing to our community.

I’m pursuing a bachelors degree in Digital Media Arts with a minor in pictorial from San Jose State University. Throughout my academic journey, I specialized in creating art. Actively engaged in the 'Her Campus' club, I've had the opportunity to design posts for Her Campus including going to team bondings.

Beyond my studies and 'Her Campus' involvement, I'm passionate about cooking new recipes and immersing myself in the world of culinary delights. Exploring diverse flavors and techniques is not only a hobby but also a creative outlet. Recently, I've delved into the enriching realms of podcasts and literature, finding joy in discovering captivating stories and gaining new perspectives. Looking ahead, I'm excited about advancing my skills in digital media arts and contributing positively to the design industry, all while fostering a vibrant community within 'Her Campus.

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