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Kaytlyn Williams

LSU '24

Hi! I'm Kaytlyn Williams, a spirited senior immersed in the world of Mass Communication with a keen focus on Public Relations, complemented by a minor in Sociology. My academic journey has been a thrilling exploration of the dynamic realm of communication.

One of the highlights of my college experience is being a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. Within this sisterhood, I've found a community that values scholarship, sisterhood, and service. It's been a platform where I've not only forged strong bonds but also actively contributed to making a positive impact in our shared spaces.

On campus, you'll often find me deeply involved in various activities, from participating in events to taking the lead on initiatives. I thrive on the energy of campus life, embracing opportunities to connect, lead, and collaborate with my peers.

Beyond the hustle and bustle, I cherish my free time. Whether it's hanging out with friends, catching up on some much-needed sleep, or finding solace in the comforting walls of the church, I believe in maintaining a well-balanced lifestyle.

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