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Kaleigh Lizotte

U Mass Boston '26

Kaleigh Lizotte is a chapter member at the University of Massachusetts Boston’s Her Campus chapter. She is currently a sophomore at the University of Massachusetts Boston, majoring in Political Science with a minor in Wealth, Poverty, and Opportunity.

Beyond Her Campus, Kaleigh works as a Resident Assistant for the university, where she enjoys making a positive impact on the dorm residents through everyday interactions and floor events. She has interned at the Student Clinic for Immigrant Justice as an Immigrant Advocate, worked at her local YMCA summer camp as a camp counselor the past two summers, and is currently a student activist and president for the University of Massachusetts Boston’s Amnesty International chapter. Kaleigh hopes to put her community activist experience, legal knowledge, and passion to help others to practice one day as a defense attorney (public defender or similar field).

In her free time, Kaleigh enjoys reading, listening to music and podcasts, thrifting, going on outdoor walks, and volunteering in her community. If not studying, she probably can be found obsessing over her new fixation of the month with her expertly curated Spotify playlist blasting in her ears.