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Julia Baki

SJSU '25

My name is Julia Baki, and I am a third-year International Business Administration major with a minor in Music at San Jose State University. I grew up in San Diego, but came to San Jose to experience a change of scenery and meet new types of people. Many of my personal interests are art related, such as playing guitar, drawing/painting, photography as well as going to the beach and hiking. I hope to pursue a career that involves both business and the arts, as I love the two things.

At the moment, I am working on marketing for a screenplay that is being turned into a film. My job is to create awareness and raise money using social media and merchandise that I have created. Previously, I worked at the Boys and Girls Club where I taught art to elementary school children, which taught me a lot about leadership. Both of these jobs do tie in both arts and business, especially what I am doing now, since I am using my creativity to reach our goals as well as designing clothing and other merchandise.

I plan on graduating from SJSU in spring 2025 and am very grateful for the experiences Her Campus has given me ever since I joined in fall of 2022. At the moment I am apart of the Design and Community Engagement team, but was previously on the Marketing Trendsetters team for a year. I look forward to making more connections and furthering my professional skills over the next year that I have left.

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