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Jordan Chamberlain

CU Boulder '24

Jordan Chamberlain is a fourth year student at the University of Colorado Boulder and an editorial assistant for CU’s chapter of Her Campus. In her editorial position, Jordan reads and edits many of her fellow authors’ articles, providing feedback on spelling, grammar, AP formatting rules, and cohesion and flow. Jordan herself enjoys writing about traveling, education, her home state of Colorado, and the general messiness of life in your early twenties.

Outside of Her Campus, Jordan can be found working on her Elementary Education degree at CU Boulder. She is very excited to graduate in May of 2024, and hopes to transition directly into the teaching profession. She hopes to teach upper elementary, and is currently a student teacher for fifth grade.

In her free time, Jordan enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends, listening to music, and disappearing into fictional worlds through reading, creative writing, and watching an unhealthy amount of T.V. shows and movies. You can find her scouring Boulder for the best coffee shops, collecting funky postcards, and listening to a chaotic collection of music.