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Jenna Strouse

Rutgers '26

Hi! My name is Jenna and I am an undergraduate psychology student at Rutgers University. I am very passionate about studying and discussing mental health and I am always looking for ways to help others with theirs. Some things I like to do include anything artsy like painting, doing gem paintings, coloring, and decorating my spaces. I also have six dogs and three cats at home who I adore and love spending time with. I have always had a lot of pets growing up so I really love animals and become obsessed with any animals I see.
Being a psychology major is a huge part of my life and is something I really enjoy. My goal with psychology is to obtain my PhD in clinical psychology and work as a clinical psychologist afterwards. I am currently a research assistant in a social psychology lab at Rutgers and am involved in running studies with participants and writing literature reviews about social and racial topics.
My professional background is also centered around the field of psychology. I currently work as a behavior technician at an agency specializing in ABA therapy for autism. I work directly with children with autism and my job with them is to track target and problem behaviors. Another role I have is a volunteer texter with the Crisis Text Line. I contribute a few hours every week to supporting people in crisis and de-escalating their situations. These roles are parts of me that I cherish and I love using my skills and interests to help others!