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Winthrop '14

Traveler, Tour Guide, Travel Author and Biographer more If you do not know what is going on in the world, you are not in the world. And for that, you need to read blogs and articles that are published in a way that is unbiased, easy to understand and read. I am efficient in writing such blogs and articles for 5 years now. Love the Topic from #Travel #Adventure #NatureConservation #Organic, I have worked with many travel brands in Asian Countries like India, Srilanka, Myanmar, Thailand etc, and have covered almost every niche and it has been a fun journey with responsibility. The research needs to be done really deeply and accurately so that the information to be published is not untrue and half. Writing in a coherent manner is another aspect of blogging. I am expected of this from my readers, hence, my readers come back to read my work. Love Profile from Tourism Industry onn #Twitter - @Luxury__travel, @tripraja, @lastminute_com, @top10goa, @tripadvisor , @twobadtourists


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