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Gauri Garg

Delhi North '26

Gauri Garg is an Economics student with a love for Literature. Her love for books knows no bounds, encompassing genres ranging from classics to contemporary fiction, historical non-fiction to fantasy realms.

When not ranting over latest economic theories, you can find her nestled in a cozy corner, immersed in the pages of classic literature or reading Marvel theories on the internet. She is also a Kathak dancer and loves to perform. She likes Mathematics but unfortunately for her it does not like her back.

Cold Coffee and fantasizing about fictional characters are the greatest joys in her life. She is a normal person and just like any other normal person, coffee is her emotional support beverage and K-dramas, her general emotional support.

She also likes listening to K-pop music and Taylor Swift and decode her songs. She is the real life representation of the meme "looks like could kill you, is a cinnamon roll". Also, from time to times she enjoys acting like one of the lead characters from Jane Austen's novels.

Gauri is a testament to the harmonious blend of intellectual curiosity and artistic expression.

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