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Emma Oddo

FIT '24

Hi! Even though I never feel a short bio can really encapsulate my entire personality and how much I haaattee vegetables but looveee green juice, I'll do my best to sum it up for you in a few quick sentences.
I am a middle child (and yes, I am the forgotten child) who grew up in New York with an admiration for community, connection, and collective healing. I have had a knack for writing since I was a youngin, and even though I don't have the Microsoft Office documents of my short novels that would have definitely been rated for mature audiences only on hand, I couldn't not chase after my passion for writing as I grew up.
I'm a junior at 'FIT' and a current Advertising and Communications major. Besides crying over assignments and commuting to class, I also write content for a skincare company in California. I hope by joining HerCampus I can not only enhance my writing skills but also find a community of talented creatives who share the same drive for storytelling as I do.