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Emma Brennan

West Chester '25

Emma Brennan (she/her/hers) is the Co-Marketing Director for Her Campus at West Chester University, along with fellow Taylor Kalyan. They oversee efforts to promote the WCU Her Campus chapter and their events, and aim to exponentially grow the chapter's audience. Additionally, they send RamConnect emails to general members, updating the group on the new things happening in HC. Emma uses software like Canva and Adobe Photoshop to build aesthetically beautiful flyers and sends them to the social media team to post on Instagram and TikTok.

Outside of Her Campus, she has worked several retail jobs each summer, but her current main job is working for the college's Student Activities Council as a Programming Coordinator. As a coordinator, she plans WCU's most popular recurring event, Rams After Hours. She currently has two marketing certifications: one for Social Media Marketing at Hubspot, and another for Digital Marketing Strategy at Stukent. She is a Media and Culture major, with a minor in Digital Marketing, and seeking another minor in Spanish.

Outside of college, she continually builds her personal NeoCities website with the help of raw HTML. She loves trying new foods, and wants to be able to eat a Carolina Reaper pepper someday. She has her earbuds in all the time, listening to 90's Eurodance jams and watching gameplay videos and roller coaster POV's. Though sometimes her 15-month-old cat Lucy spoils all her fun, but don't worry, her new laser pointer keeps Lucy occupied...mostly.

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