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Clara Freitas

NCSU '24

Clara Freitas is a new member of Her Campus at NC state. She is responsible for developing new articles each month and helping with the photoshoot. She hopes to be a member of great value and learn a lot in the process.

Outside of Her Campus, Clara is a business major with a concentration on Sustainable development and Digital Marketing. Back in Brazil, her home country, she started her studies in Skema Business School and has been a part of various projects. In between her studies she was president of Skema Association, being involved with the development of events to integrate students as well as the creation of content for their instagram page.

Clara was born and raised in Brazil, and is now finishing her studies at NC state. She has danced ballet for 10 years, but now considers it a hobby, just like her passion for writing poems and lyrics, listening to music, reading and watching movies. She is obsessed with Harry Styles and went to one of his shows in Brazil. She is also a film nerd and her top 5 are: Lady Bird, Inglourious Basterds, Atonement, Beautiful Boy and La La Land.