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Carhianie J. Vargas Padín

UPRM '24

Carhianie J. Vargas Padín is an undergraduate English Literature student writing about all things film, pop-culture, and community engagement for UPRM’s Her Campus Chapter. Her diverse academic interests, which include minors in Writing and Communication, Art, and Film, have led her to a role as Research Fellow at UPRM’s Oral History Lab (OHL) where she engages in projects aimed at preserving Puerto Rican (hi)stories through oral history, film, and archival work.

As part of her commitment to using film as an instrument for social justice and community empowerment, she has co-produced two documentaries: Nuestro pedazo de tierra/ Our Piece of Land (2023) and Todavía estamos aquí/ We Are Still Here (2023), the latter of which earned recognition as a finalist at the Libélula Dorada International Short Film Festival in the Dominican Republic.

Growing up as an anime, cartoon, and film enthusiast, her aspirations include finishing her undergraduate studies and pursuing a master’s degree in Animation with a focus on 2D and Stop Motion Animation. Until then, she spends her days balancing her studies and extracurricular activities while also enjoying reading and writing.