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Ashley Hamilton

UFL '22

Ashley Hamilton is an advertising and international studies major at the University of Florida. She was raised in Yulee, Florida – a town in which everyone still knows everyone and secrets are seldom secret. Nestled in the marshes of the Amelia River and the tumultuous St. Mary’s river, Yulee was as rural as could be when she moved to the Jacksonville metropolitan area in 2006. Upon arrival, the town had no more than a Home Depot, Winn-Dixie, WhataBurger, and a couple of local feed stores. She has grown with her town and is thrilled to evolve into a gator.
Hamilton is a lover of all things creative: literature, poetry, theater, film, architecture, and art. She revels in the pastels of Wes Anderson films and impressionism paintings. She grew up in the south (on the Florida-Georgia border) and would feel most comfortable in the presence of historic southern town such as New Orleans, Savannah, or Charleston. There is an almost magnetic draw to these port cities that she cannot deny.
After three concussions and a change in majors, she is heading into her second semester in the College of Journalism and Communications. Luckily, it only took a couple of knocks to her head for Hamilton to decide to follow her passions. Biomedical Engineering lacked the creativity and literal analysis she desired. Through her advertising degree, Hamilton plans to develop an understanding of persuasive speech and the intricacies of the copyright system. She foresees herself attending law school, hopefully, at her alma mater to study corporate law in order to protect the intellectual properties of authors and artists.