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Annie Henry

Lehigh '18

Annie is a junior at Lehigh University, majoring in public relations and political science to pursue a career in pr and corporate event planning and also low-key aspiring to be the next Christina Yang. She holds an internship in marketing & events, is overly involved on campus and anxiously updates her LinkedIn as an attempt to get her life together. Some hobbies are taking long drives alone (while singing obnoxiously), drinking coffee, reading Reddit and writing (obviously). While brainstorming corny puns to use as Instagram captions, she enjoys exploring the outdoors, going to the movies and hanging out with the awesome people in her life. She can be found falling asleep to Netflix, stress baking, wearing sweats, eating ice cream out of the carton or working out so that she can eat more ice cream.

Inquiries and pictures of puppies can be sent to: awh316@lehigh.edu or anniehenry@hercampus.com