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Abigail Nomdo

UCT '26

Abigail, currently studying English literature, psychology, and French at UCT, aims to experience "literally everything". When she isn't sitting behind a book, she's probably with friends being a tourist in her own city, watching Gilmore Girls (again?!?) surfing (or at least trying to), volunteering with animals, cooking intriguing dishes, or indulging in various plays at the Artscape.

She has previously worked at a surf shop in Cape Town, written a collection of poetry, as well as snippets of novels here and there. Abigail has a passion for writing, embarking on new challenges, reminding young women to believe in themselves, and the oxford comma.
Writing for HerCampus, is her first step towards an eventual career in writing or editing for acclaimed magazines. Her publication goal is to strive towards depicting authenticity, and truly capturing the tumultuous trepidations of our life day to day.