Post-Grad Wardrobe Guide: What to Buy & What to Toss

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Lately, I’ve been really reflecting on my wardrobe. I do this often, but now as I am nearing graduation I’ve gone over it with an extra scrutiny. I’ve pulled items I haven’t worn in a long time to the top of the piles, and I started to really decide whether or not I want them.

I’ve also been on the prowl for some post-grad wardrobe essentials, including searching for new tops that are casual enough to wear every day but nice enough to potentially wear to work (should I be lucky enough to get a job!). And so, this post-grad wardrobe guide was born.

What to Buy

1. Cocktail dress

This is always good to have, just in case. I recommend TJ Maxx or Marshall's for finding a good one at a fair price. Pick a color that looks great on you and a style that is classy and gives you confidence. My go-to is a form-fitting dress with a high neckline. It strikes that sexy and classy balance very well.

2. Blazer

If you, like me, wear a lot of black, I suggest getting one that can be a pop of color. These don’t need to be overly expensive, but they can also be a splurge. I have one that was $40 and one that was $18, and I get a decent wear out of both.

3. Comfortable pair of heels

I’ve yet to find a pair of heels that are genuinely comfortable, but I’ve found a pair that is comfortable enough. It’s all about being able to walk a decent amount without crying.

4. Wedding or bridal shower dress

Right after college is generally prime time for engagements and weddings. This isn’t super urgent, but if you ever come across a well-priced, gorgeous dress that you’d wear to a wedding or bridal shower, consider adding it to your wardrobe. The worst thing is having to go last-minute dress shopping and eventually settling on something you don’t really love. Chances are there will be a few of these in the near future, so it’s good to be prepared.

5. The perfect jeans

It’s good to have a black pair and a blue pair. Hopefully, you have these in your wardrobe already. I recommend Old Navy’s rockstar jeans. They’re affordable, flattering and cozy!

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