Why I Wear My Alex and Ani

I believe in fashion that makes a difference and beauty that’s inspired by the world around us. I believe in cherishing the people in my life and taking care of the environment. So when I learned about Alex and Ani, an eco-friendly company that creates inspirational accessories right here in America, I decided to learn more and order some bangles.


I ordered the Apple of Abundance single charm bangle as a gift for my mother. Mom stands by me and encourages me, and I wanted to show her how much she means to me. The only jewelry Mom wears are bracelets and bangles. She’s given me so much, and I want to show her that I’ve noticed and I appreciate her love and caring. This bangle, along with the others on the site, is “made in America with love.”

Carolyn Rafaelian, founder and designer, created the Alex and Ani line to embody the ideals of America. Not only is every piece made in America, the bangles, earrings, charms, necklaces and rings are made of recycled materials and connected to a cause for peace and life. You’re not just buying jewelry. You’re celebrating a dream.

Life is something that all of us can celebrate together. Do you have someone special in your life you want to celebrate? Show them you care with the Gift Box Charm. Because 20 percent of all sales from the Gift Box Charm, with a minimum donation of $25,000, benefit the American Cancer Society, you’ll also be celebrating the lives of people in your community, in your country and in your world. A world with more birthdays, one in which people are well and cancer free, is a world that we can all believe in.

The Gift Box Charm is simple and refined in design. You can choose the Russian Silver or Russian Gold finish. Three other engraved charms on the bangle state Alex and Ani’s mission: Made in America with Love, Recycled and Infused with Energy Technology. This bangle adjusts to fit every wearer and is perfect for birthdays, holidays and special occasions.  

I think my next gift to Mom will be the Gift Box Charm bangle. This bangle would make an awesome gift for your mother, grandmother, aunt or sister. It’s beauty with a conscience. Celebrate life this year.

What do your Alex and Ani bangles mean to you? Share your story at Alex and Ani’s Facebook page for a chance to be featured in an upcoming commercial!


Roxanna Coldiron is a recent graduate of Hiram College with a B.A in Communication and is a current master's student at The New School in NYC. She likes to be busy, so she often works several jobs at once and takes an overload of interesting classes. Time management is her specialty! Her goal in life is to tell stories through a variety of media platforms. Follow her on Twitter @roxanna_media!

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